Saturday, June 23, 2012


I don't think constantly talking about how college is for me over here on my blog is too much, cause in a few months time I'll only be able to talk about how college was for me. All these assignments and tests, I'd have to admit its a lot but on the contrary I believe I learn and grow.  Take presentations for example, I remember during one time in high school, I just read off an article in front of the class for some Bahasa Malaysia oral test, keeping the paper down and trying not to look as if I'm literally doing it, horribly done. I believe that case of scenario is not even an option any more, considering how much this course values, I try..

Physics presentation on momentum in two dimension:
HOWEVER, I don't know how good I can do, or how good I did compared to others, I don't want to know either, but I only know that its what I did and I've only the choice of feeling confident about it, even if it puts me at the bottom of the table among my classmates. That is to say, my best might not be so impressive either, and it gets more frustrating from there, I need to work harder sometimes.  Unless it was an effort of a poor man with a complete set of hands, legs and mind, then I have every right to blame myself and probably curse myself to sleep.
three tests, one assignment and one long presentation this week. hell yeah..?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I got a haircut too

Remember when I said how the past 17 years of my life has been rather different from what I'm experiencing now? Yeah, I guess that's how my life unfolds, tons of challenges that changes what happens tomorrow or whatsoever. I have to learn to accept now, what I do today is what I am tomorrow. A little too naive thinking that high school was all-that, apparently its just something almost everyone goes through, and that's what we talk about, things that we can relate to one another.

Almost halfway through my semester break now, a check list of assignments and presentations to prepare for the upcoming second semester of my course:
1. ESL issue investigation presentation
2. Chemistry issue investigation final report
3. Chemistry source analysis
4. Chemistry test 3
5. Physics presentation 
6. Moral studies written assignment and creative work
7. Spec. Maths homework (catch up -.-)

Its also safe to say that I've yet to complete any one of the above, oh well, impossible is nothing. I'll just have to sacrifice more time and fun next week cause I'm going to Mount. Kinabalu tomorrow. Typical college life, I'm getting used to it. X)

..and I watched 2 superhero movies today and read an article about real life soldiers who make rambo look like a pussy. It all gave me a sense of determination. :D